Monday, September 12, 2011

Dogs and Cornfields - Corn Report

An Iowa weekend

This weekend I headed to Iowa, but not to the Boy's home. Instead we met half way in Ames, Iowa, for the Iowa vs Iowa State football game. After the Boy attending two K-State games last year I promised that I would go to an Iowa game. Yes, that is right I cheer for Iowa, not ISU. K-State is my Big 12 school.

Enjoying a little tailgating, even though they lost the game. You can't see it in the picture, but I did wear my K-State Alumni pin. 

The Boy helped me out with the corn report though snapping these pictures of his dog Skye.

Skye getting picked up from the vet. That is where she gets boarded when the Boy is out of town. 

Skye hanging out in front of the cornfield. 

We are now waiting for the corn to completely turn brown, and the moisture to lower. Some farmers will cut the corn even when the moisture is a little high and then use dryers to lower the moisture. However, the with the cost of propane, electricity or natural gas, that is used for these dryers, that can be pretty expensive. So the Boy will patiently wait a little longer until the time is just right to save some expense.

To read other corn reports and see the corn grow over the summer click on the Watch Corn Grow link. 


  1. I think you're wise to wait and not use a drying system. Thanks to the Boy for the pictures. :)

  2. Hopefully, it will save some money, and it looks like (cross our fingers) there will be lots of time to take the crop off.

  3. haha you wore your K-State pin to an Iowa vs Iowa State Game... that's hilarious!

  4. GO HAWKS! So sad they couldn't pull off a "w", but it was a very entertaining game!


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