Monday, September 26, 2011

Going once, going twice, sold for $17,500

It's a cattle sale. 

On Friday, I jumped in my car and headed south to a cattle sale. Sales are one of my favorite things to go to. There are lots of friends to be seen, good cattle and the excitement of the sale. Plus, you got to look good!

This was my going to a cattle sale outfit. I love this new scarf from Southern Jewlz, I'm wearing a Banana Republic collared shirt, jeans, and a combination of MAC and Mary Kay make-up. I have more pictures posted of the accessories on my facebook page

Now this sale was different than the cattle sales that happen everyday at your local auction barn or market. Eby Ranch has purebred cattle, just like a purebred dog. Their cattle have a registration paper and are worth more money because we use purebred cattle for breeding stock.

The sale was called the Friday Night Lights sale, and they sold Angus and Simmental cattle. The two heifers (girls) above are February babies.

The also sold a bunch of cows with their babies. Aren't these guys cute!

This sale was a little unique as they didn't bring the cattle into a ring to be sold. Instead the cattle stayed outside and they showed videos of the cattle as they were being sold. 

At this sale people could call in their bid, bid in person and even bid over the Internet. 

One heifer even sold for $17,500! She was definitely the exception and the whole sale averaged just over $3,000. A lot of money, but raising purebred cattle isn't cheap. Not only is there the day to day cost of feed, land, employees, but there are also extra costs for marketing and registering the cattle. 

Here is a video of the $17,500 heifer selling. At first the "block man" gives a spiel about how good she is, and then the auctioneer starts. Towards the end of the video the ringman (person taking bids) is taking bids from two different people that are in the same area. 


  1. Love your "sale" outfit!
    We have a purebred Angus sale at our barn in March.
    I think my hubby was at KState with someone named Eby...hhhmmmm...have to ask. May be the same family.

  2. Cow Pies and Mud Pies - one of the Eby sons actually played football for K-State.
    Brooke - why thank-you. I probably could've smiled.

  3. Loved it!!

  4. Thanks Heather. Hope you have had a great start to your week.


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