Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Deep inside the cornfield - Corn Report

Inside the field. 

Wow back to back corn reports, I know I am on a roll. Since there hasn't been much visual change in the height of the corn I thought this time I would bring you inside the cornfield. But first let's once again see what the field looked like last week.

The cornfield on August 27, 2011. 

And this was the field on September 5, 2011. However, I promised to take you into the cornfield. So, here we go.

The tops of the corn stalks are still really green, however the bottoms are starting to turn brown. Harvest is getting closer. 

You can look down the rows and see how straight they are. They use GPS to plant the fields leaving the rows incredibly straight. You can also see some stalks on the ground. Those stalks called residue and are left on the field to return nutrients back to the soil.

And sometimes you find a corn monster in those cornfields. 

Last week I blogged about why the corn is black on the end. 
And although I have been told by the "Iowa" corn experts I have been pretty accurate in my corn reports I did get straightened out on one thing. What you are looking at above is an ear of corn. Once the kernels come of it is then a corn cob. 

So where does all this corn produced in the U.S. go? 14% to exports, 39% Livestock & Dairy feed, 47% to food, seed and industrial, according to the USDA. That means our cows get some of it, and some ends up on your plates!


  1. Very informative post, Crystal! And great pics. I enjoy your corn reports. We don't grow corn so this is interesting to me.

  2. My husband broke the news to me last year that a lot of the corn we see isn't the corn on the cob from my kitchen table. It's animal feed and food filler. They process corn and soybeans at two large facilities where we live. It reeks. I can't believe it's in our food.

  3. I love playing in the corn fields! As a kid, I would pretend I was in an enchanted forest. My grandma never let me go in very far, but the magic extends even to the field's edge. Great post!

  4. I found your blog!:) Im Erica, the girl who did your hair on Sat. for the wedding!:) The reason I remembered to look this up is bc i was on Pinterest....(nothing new) and found this, and thought of you:) Hope the wedding was great!


  5. It has been YEARS since I've been smack dab in the middle of a corn field so thanks for the tour.

    Also, thank you for vising "Hillbilly Debutante." You'll laugh when I tell you why I'm in the DC metro area. Cattle! Yes, cattle. My husband was the executive for the Missouri Cattlemen's Association and then in 2001 we moved so he could take over the DC office of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association.

  6. Very informative post!

  7. This is fun! Love your corn field images, especially the third one with the light coming through the leaves.

  8. These are seriously my favorite posts that you do! :)


  9. Thanks everyone. I am glad you enjoyed the post!

  10. Those corn stalks make you look like a short shrimp... LOL :). I love how tall they get. Ours don't get that tall around here, although they still get tall. Must be the difference of 6ish hours (it's 6 hrs from here to Des Moines)


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