Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Turquoise Wedding

Here comes the bride.

My shower gift to Jaci.
We hung her wedding dress on
it for pictures. 
No, we aren't talking about my wedding, rather my future sister-in-law's wedding. Over Labor Day weekend Jaci and Jason got hitched. It was a beautiful wedding with a beautiful bride, and the groom looked good too.  Plus, she choose turquoise/Tiffany blue/pool as her wedding color. Every company has a different name for the color. I thought it would be only fitting that I feature her wonderful wedding in a Turquoise Thursday.

Our first mission. Get the bride into her dress. 

The dresses Jaci picked were in a color called Pool. Not only did they look great, but they were super comfortable. The sandals came from Aldo

The happy new family
Jaci and Jason with their bulldog Grover

This is where the meal was served. We snuck in before they brought the flowers in.
The wedding was held at Heartland Acres Agribition Center. I've talked about Heartland before, home of the World's Largest Tractor - Big Bud, and an agriculture leaning center. However, they also have an events center. I highly recommend it for anyone in Eastern Iowa looking for an events center. 

Cocktail hour was hosted here, and then the room was switched over for the dance.
But make sure you call early because it books up fast. So fast that the Boy and I weren't able to get a date there for our wedding!

My handsome date
The Boy's family loves fireworks. So what would a wedding be without a spectacular display? Sorry no firework pictures. Just use your imagination. 

It was great to see some old Hereford friends. 

This is my favorite picture of Jaci and her Maid of Honor.
And then we danced the night away.

I think it is safe to say we had a pretty good time. This is the Boy's Aunt (his family is awesome) and I am wearing Jon's future Best Man's tie. A nice fashion accessory to the turquoise dress. 

And the next morning I wrapped up the Boy's cousin and we have him to Jaci and Jason as a wedding present. 

Congrats, Jaci and Jason. All the happiness in the world. 


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  2. I love the colors, it looks like it was a gorgeous wedding! :) ...and you guys had a blast!

  3. What a beautiful wedding!

  4. Looks like everyone had SO much fun! Gorgeous wedding and pics!

  5. Looks like a fun and beautiful wedding! My wedding colors were Teal and brown but Pool was a color we used a lot to get the teal color.

  6. Love your blog! It was so fun seeing you at the wedding. Keep me posted on your plans for your big day!

  7. Thanks everyone! The wedding was awesome.

  8. Did you girl wear those silver flat sandals? If so, your feet must have been so thankful to the bride :)


  9. Very pretty wedding! My boyfriend lives 40 min from the Heartland Acres Agribition Center and I had no idea they had a hall for parties, I thought it was only an educational center, very cool place!

  10. Yvonee, yes we got to wear those sandals all day. They were very pretty.
    Jolene - yes they have a place for conferences, meetings, weddings. If you are ever planning an event you should check it out. It is so nice to have the hotel right there as well.

  11. Absolutely gorgeous!
    I am lovin' turquoise right now!
    Have a pretty day!

  12. Bring Pretty Back, then you will definitely want to stop by each Thursday for Turquoise Thursday!

  13. Awesome, love it!
    Looks like fun was had by all! :)

  14. Wow, what a fun wedding! These photos made my day. I am pretty sure all these guests had wonderful time in ceremony. At some domestic NYC wedding venues I would also get married and have already decided on snow white theme. Hope everyone goes as planned.


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