Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Recap: The Best of Pinterest

A virtual pin board

Today we aren't doing an official Turquoise Thursday, but no fear this recap still includes that wonderful color. I joined Pinterest the beginning of 2011 and was hooked immediately, and although I have shared with you many of my finds, a lot of the good stuff never makes it onto my blog. Therefore keeping with this week's themes of recaps I am sharing some of my most repinned Pinterest photos. p.s. If you aren't on Pinterest yet, and would like to be you can find my email under my About Me page and I'll email you an invite.

This is a pin of a picture from one of my favorite artists It is part of my Crystal's Wish List Board.

My Cowhide board is one of my favorites. This McQueen cowhide bag is gorgeous.

I have featured these turquoise earrings on my blog before and they were definitely a favorite on my Turquoise Pinterest board. 

And how about these turquoise suede high heels. Wooza. 

I've got all kinds of wonderful ideas pinned on my Dream Home board. I dream of a home like this. Rock, open beams, wood, windows, love. 

My favorite part of Pinterest is all the recipes. I lived off this recipe this summer. The dressing is amazing. Make a whole bunch because you'll be using it on more than just this salad. 

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  1. I am going to have to go check out the Crystal's Wish List board. Looks like there is some great stuff there.

  2. Pinterest might be the greatest thing to ever happen to cure boredom! I find myself pinning while riding in the car, waiting for coffee, waiting on meetings to start, and during commercials. I have tried so many great new recopies and found ideas for many outfits! It’s basically a girls best friend!


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