Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Canadian Comedian Rick Mercer visits a cattle show

Rick at Agribition

My fellow K-State Judging Team
member, Lance Leachman's farm.
Although I was unable to attend Agribition this year, via Twitter I was able to see quite the commotion Rick Mercer, Canadian comedian, when he attended one of Canada's leading agricultural events.

Rick's tour of the barns takes him through the grooming of a beef animal, learning how to auctioneer, and the process of buying a goat. All important things to know.
It is always fun to see what agriculture and livestock shows look like through the eyes of the consumer. Check out his adventure! 

And I would say that my cattle showing friends do pretty good in the spotlight of a camera.


  1. This is great! So funny! I may steal itformy blog next week! :)


  2. I loved this video funny!

  3. Hilarious video! I've been sharing it on Twitter and Facebook as well.


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