Friday, December 16, 2011

Guest Post: Christmas with Lindsay & a baby boy

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Lindsay has been a long time blog reader. I've been poking and prodding her to start her own blog with not so much success. I have successfully twisted her arm though to do a guest post. See she and I have a lot in common, but there is one difference - Lindsay has a beautiful baby boy and is much more on the up and up with stylish kid stuff. So here she goes. 

Today I’m tackling some firsts. My first blog post and my baby’s first Christmas. It’s safe to say my anxiety is equal for both milestones.  At the encouragement of the blog owner, here it goes:

So, I have this precious, sweet, little baby angel that goes by Abbott (See Exhibit A). 

Exhibit A

As you can tell, it’s Abbott’s first Christmas.  I have been faced with the reality of the situation that:
1. I have a kid, and it’s his first Christmas.
2. Let's face it… he’s just 6 months and doesn’t really know what is going on. I have actually entertained the idea of giving him the same things for the next three years and just taking a picture with a different thing each year.

So, here I am, at the crossroads every parent comes to during the holiday season; to keep it real or go totally overboard?  These were my final selections.  I hope they help you with some last minute ideas for the little ones on your list, or if you are super organized, maybe they will help you get a jump on things for next year.

1.     The Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case

I haven’t used this thing yet, but I am already convinced the inventor is brilliant.  A case that keeps my phone free from drool and making unwanted phone calls...oh and he can use it as a teething toy.  Sign me up!  The best part is that this little technology wonder is only $15.99, and the corresponding Fisher Price apps are free.  I like free.

2.      The Jeep Liberty Renegade Walker

I already gave him this gift.  We are just going to add a bow on Christmas morning for the picture.  Babies grow like nothing you have ever seen, and I need to maximize his usage time.  As you can see, he loves cruising for chicks in his Jeep.  I like that it is gender neutral in color.  He likes that it makes engine noises, and it has a horn that honks.  I LOVE that it was super easy to put together.  A little insider tip:  It’s on sale at Baby Depot for $39.99.  They are sold out online, but our store had plenty in inventory.

3.      Purple Banner Designs Lovie

Purple Banner Designs has it going on! I won this lovie in a giveaway right here on CrystalCattle and ordered another one for my best friend’s little boy the next week. I cannot rave enough about how much we love this thing. It goes with us everywhere, and Bethany, if you are reading this… I wouldn’t be opposed to a Mommy-sized one too. Just thinking out loud for you.  

There it is, my first blog post, on the Internet for the whole wide world to read.  I know my sweet, little guy is going to love his gifts, but more importantly I hope he knows he is the best gift. I’ve loved watching him grow, and all he needs to give me on Christmas is that precious gummy smile that he is rapidly becoming famous for.  Best wishes for a merry Christmas and an incredibly blessed new year!  


  1. Great guest post...what a little sweetheart she has. So cute, I miss my boys being that oldest was 6 months at Christmas and gummy smiles and drool was the Best gift! ;)

  2. Linds has officially stepped into the blog world...great tips! Now she just needs to start her own blog!

  3. Ha ha thanks for the shout out! We are so glad little man loves his blanket. I am sure we could figure something out for his momma too! ;)

  4. Have fun on the first Christmas! But don't be dissappointed when they play more with the paper and the boxes :)

    Crystal! Way to get her started.

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