Friday, December 9, 2011

Cheese is a vegetable

Food chat from a Boy

The Boy and I have been successfully living together for more than two months now, and we love it. It is always interesting when two people come together to live under one roof and begin to share their life philosophies with each other - like cheese is a vegetable. 

Yes, the Boy believes that cheese is a vegetable and that things like brocolli is in the gross stuff category. You see the Boy isn't a big vegetable fan, although I'll give him credit that his tastes have expanded greatly since we started dating. 

One thing we do agree on is that we love cheese. If you were to look in our fridge right now you would find two bags of Parmesan, Monetary Jack, Italian and Mozzarella. There is also cottage cheese (his not mind), cream cheese, sour cream, sour cream taco dip, yogurt and milk -  yeah we are dairy fans. 

Since we have an abundance of cheese the Boy has declared that we can just subsitiute cheese into our diet as a vegetable. Probably not a great plan, but a great way to support dairy farmers. 

Any food disagreements that your family has?


  1. My husband thinks a lil' piece of toast (I refer to it as crumbs) is an excellent topping on a 1/2 a pound of butter and a 1/2 a pound of honey! ... BOYS!!!!

  2. We love cheese, too. I guess if pizza can be a veggie (per the US government), so can cheese. ;) Another important food group in our household is chocolate. That's make with the same veggie, milk, that is used to make the veggie cheese. Does that make chocolate a veggie? Where is all of this going????? Nah, chocolate is a food group all by itself....

  3. I wouldn't call them disagreements necessarily. I like cheese, too, but more so than he does.
    I had never eaten broccoli or rice until I married my hubby. Now I love them both. :-)

  4. Holy crap this sounds like Hyatt and I - except reversed.

    I hate veggies (but have started to try more of them) and he loves them. Cheese should be a vegetable - tell JJB that I am on his side for that!

  5. You mean cheese isn't a vegetable?!?! It belongs on everything. 4 kinds in my fridge right now.


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