Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Recap: Top Blog Posts of the Year

And the winners are...

It is that time of year. To recap some of the blog posts that you and my readers enjoyed the most. This next week I want to share a few different Top 2011 posts, so be sure to keep coming back. There is a lot inshore.

Now first of all the top three places that you visited on my blog were my About Me page, who knew you were so curious about me, and my Turquoise Thursday page, everyone loves Turquoise, and my How to Blog Guide. (You can learn how to add pages to your blog in this post.)

Onto the Top 10.

10. Feed sack bags - read here 

This post got lots of comments too. I am going to have to put one of these on my own Wish List! The House that Ag Built even provided a feed sack bag tutorial so you can make your own. 

9. Cotton Wedding - read here

Why not include a little piece of agriculture into your wedding. I really love these uses for cotton in a wedding.

8. Crystal Cattle Wedding: Engagement Photos - read here 

I am absolutely in love with our engagement photos. I highly recommend La Brisa Photography for all the special moments that you want to capture. Chris is based in Texas, but travels all over. Hands down one of my favorite photographers and I can't wait for him to capture our big day.

7. Lady Gaga Moves to Nebraska? - read here 

Could it be true. You'll have to read to find out, but I love the awareness this pop star has brought to agriculture. I still love Lady Gaga's video about farming.

6. The Blonde City Girl - read here

You'll definitely get a laugh out of this one.

5. Watching Corn Grow - read here

I loved learning about corn in Iowa this summer, and blogging about the crops progress. I can't wait to go around from start to finish this year. Planting will start in April, stay tuned!

4. Two Bar West Purses - read here 

This post was wrote in 2009 and is still going strong. Last year it was my number one post, now it has dropped down in two fourth spot.

3. Turquoise Wedding Invites - read here

I think I surprised many of you when I told you that turquoise wasn't going to be one of my wedding colors, however these engagement party invites that two of my cousins designed were awesome. I love the turquoise and burlap combination. The wedding details are really starting to come together. I'll be sharing more with you soon.

2. Turquoise Thursday Junk Gypsy Style - read here

Who doesn't love those Junk Gypsy girls. I can't wait until there new show airs in 2012. I was so excited when I finally bought this turquoise necklace for myself. Definitely a statement piece.

1. Looking pretty in agriculture - read here

I loved getting together with two of my best girl friends for this photo shoot. I also loved all the comments that I got from you guys on this post. Remember just because we like dresses, jewelry, high heels and boots, doesn't mean that we don't know a thing or two about agriculture.


  1. We (my grandma & I) actually made a bunch of those feedsack bags based off that tutorial!

  2. 10 great posts - I think your engagement pics post was my favorite!!

  3. So glad you girls enjoyed the post this year!

  4. Looking pretty in agriculture—Love it! Who says farm girls are not divas?

  5. Well it is an excellent venture and I wish you every success.

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