Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Recap: Texas loves Crystal Cattle

From all around the world.

I almost squealed with excitement when I was looking at my Google Analytics today. Readers from 131 different countries read my blog this year. Thank you! It just goes to show that spreading agriculture's story isn't something that just happens in our communities. People all over the world rely on agriculture, and what to hear your stories. I think a lot of people like turquoise too!

However, there is one group of people that really like my blog - the Texans. The three most popular cities that my readers live in: Ballinger, Lubbock and College. Yeah that's right I have all kinds of Big Brother info on you guys ;). After Texas it is Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois. Now go tell your east coast and west coast friends about this gal that blogs about food and agriculture.

Google Analytic map for Crystal Cattle. The darker the green the more visitors came from there. 
Back to Texas. In honor on all the Texans that read my blog I put together a few Texas things together. 

Texas Burlap Pillow from the localhoneyshop on Etsy.

It is Texas and turquoise! Maybe the Boy and I need an Iowa and Alberta one. 

Cute Texas charm. This store has all the states, no one needs to feel left out. 

And I love this statement from the You Know You're a Texas When blog. 

Thanks to everyone for reading this year. Now onto an amazing 2012. 


  1. Just LOVE your Texas stats! Our oldest nephew was born in TX and has been called Tex most of his life. We sailed out of Galveston for a couple of years and there are no nicer people than Texans. :)

  2. I love all of the Texas stuff! I really want an Oklahoma necklace like that, they are adorable! Congratulations on your numbers, that is exciting stuff!

  3. I was born in Texas, raised across the line in NM, but married a Texas cowboy... and Texas is where we are!

    Love it!

  4. We love your blog, probably because your so awesome.


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