Friday, June 1, 2012

Momma rocked me like a wagon wheel...

Need something to get the blood pumping?

It's Friday, wahoo! I friend of mine has introduced me to an up-and-coming singer named Scott Shelby. Search for him on YouTube and you'll find a bunch more music. Yesterday, I came across his version of Wagon Wheel and I couldn't help but smile.

So here's to a great Friday, and an even better weekend.


  1. Love it! One of my favorite songs. I always think of it as a country song, but on St. Paddy's day in Chicago all of the Irish bands kept playing it!


  2. Lovin' this version! Such a great song!

  3. Listening to it made me wanna dance.... at Longhorns:)

  4. Agree Lori! fabulous!

  5. Jeremy McComb sings a great version of this as well!!

  6. LOVE Him!!! This makes me miss the days of listening to Scott and Whitney sing in College Station. I'm so happy more people are discovering how great he is!


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