Thursday, June 14, 2012

Turquoise Thursday: Turquoise Front Door

Get the paint bucket out. 

I have a feeling when the the Boy and I are in our permanent home one day and I say let's paint the house turquoise he is going to put a big veto on that. So this is going to be my alternate suggestions. A turquoise door.

via Southern Living
I mean how perfect is this front door. Just replace the rubber boots with rubber boots that are covered in cow poop and this could totally be the door that welcomes our family and friends. Click on the Southern Living link and they give you the exact color.

via House of Turquoise
A little brighter this time. I could throw out the argument. 
Me: "How about lime green." 
The Boy: "No way."
Me: "I was really hoping you would say yes."
The Boy: "Not happening."
Me: "How about a compromise. Turquoise?" 
And then I am predicting the win. Fingers crossed.

via Jennifer at the Little Things
This girl is my idol. She painted all of her doors turquoise. Front, side entrance and patio. 

Would you ever consider painting your front door. I've seen a lot of red ones before, so why not turquoise?


  1. I love these! Hubs gave me the ok to paint our pantry door turquoise :)

  2. Go for it! I want a red door!

  3. I would love to paint my front door. But since I live in an apartment building, not sure if that would work well. But the turquoise is awesome!

  4. Turquoise would look amazing on a front door! In our last house we painted the door red (by we I mean I painted it red while the boyfriend was at work one day) and I loved it!!

  5. I LOVE the turquoise door! I currently have a RED door, but I'm not opposed to turquoise! May have to try it sometime...just for fun!

  6. A turquoise front door would be wonderful. It would look great on a barn door too....hmmmm now I want to paint the barn doors.

  7. Yeah, your front door is definitely perfect with that turquoise color! I love that color too because it is very pleasant and warm to the eyes. I would definitely consider this color for my front door!

  8. Cool! With a front door like that, you’ll be the envy of the entire neighborhood! In color psychology, the color turquoise controls and heals the emotions by creating emotional balance and stability. That’s why it’s also a great color for your bathroom wall. =)

    Terry Arnold


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