Friday, June 22, 2012

Wedding: Best Place to Buy a veil and lace garter

The title explains it all. 

I told you all about my wedding dress, but I haven't told you about two of my other accessories. The garter and veil.

First the garter. I mentioned that I bought the belt for my dress from Kristen Keuhn, however belts aren't her only amazing creations. After seeing lots of beautiful lace, antique looking garters on Pinterest I decided this was the style I wanted for my day. But holly cow, all the ones I found were expensive, however Kristen's seemed to be a perfect price for a nice keepsake.

I decided to go with the Rachel Garter. I also had a throw away garter. 

My sister helping me, while I kept it real and hike up my Spanx! 

Now the funny story about my beautiful, well thought out garter. My garter wasn't super tight when I put it on, but it fit. Good enough I said. Pictures were took, we said I do, more pictures were took, and then I asked my bridesmaids to help me use the bathroom. Up the dress went and it suddenly dawned on me that my garter was gone. Who knows where it was or when it fell off. Luckily, I had that throw away garter for the Boy to remove at the dance. I was sure my beautiful garter was long gone, and the Boy hadn't even seen it. Oh well. Stuff happens. 

The next week low and behold as my MIL was about to mow the grass there was my garter. In between the porch steps a little worse for wear, but at least I've got it! Maybe it will fit better as a headband. 

Now onto the veil. 

I really had no idea what I wanted for a veil. However, when I was searching for my wedding dress the sales lady put a Cathedral veil on me, and right away I knew that was exactly what I wanted. However, those babies aren't cheap. The one in the bridal store was more than $400. No way. I began my search on Etsy. That when I found the sweetest lady, Shirley from Joyous Illusions. When I saw how reasonable her veils were (I bought mine for $45) I was a little skeptical. However, Shirly sent me fabric swatches and the tulle was very soft, and of great quality. Did you know I was an expert in tulle?

Our wedding day was really windy and it rained. So I actually hardly even wore my veil. It got to show up for the church and the picture in our barn. Which were actually the perfect place for it. 

I choose the 108-inch veil, however we ended up having the lady that did my alterations cut a little off. At $45 this was the perfect bargain! Spread the word to your friends and family. Purchase $45 veils. It will make you happy. And like they say on Say Yes to the Dress, "It is just a white dress without a veil."

What wedding accessories did you worry about, or were super excited about? Anyone got any stories/

To read more about our wedding details check out the Wedding Style tab. 


  1. When I went to buy my wedding dress, I hated veils. I decided I didn't want to wear one and my friends and mother agreed. I was going to do a headband or headpiece. As the wedding got closer, I started to have veil envy. I didn't feel very bridal. So just a few weeks before, Drew and I went to buy a veil. He got to see the veil because I was freaking out and needed him. I am glad I decided to go with the veil but it was a long process.

    1. That is so cute that Drew went with you! You guys make a great pair.

  2. Our engagement was only 4 1/2 months, so some of the little things just got looked over. Like my garter, totally forgot about it till 2 days before and just ended up buying a plain one at the local craft store. Kind of bummed that I don't have one to keep, but we made it through the first year without it. :)

    Glad you found yours tho, it is super cute! Love your veil and $45 is amazing!

    1. You are exactly right that you don't need all the extras to have a successful marriage! Congrats on your first year.

  3. I had similar garter issues! Mine kept slipping down around my ankle all night. In fact as I walked out of the church my garter was more of an ankle bracelet.
    Mine was also an etsy via pinterest find

    My veil was actually borrowed from my matron of honor! It matched my dress perfectly.

    Kinda interesting how much of our wedding ideas came from pinterest!


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