Sunday, June 3, 2012

Miss USA I will not stop eating burgers

I am skinny and I like burgers

Tonight, I am busy packing, tying up some loose ends before hitting the road this week. Oh and I am watching Miss USA. Yes, these beauty pageants are a guilty pleasure of mine.

Everything is going pretty good. Gorgeous women, great hair, I disagreed with a few that made the top sixteen etc. Onto the swimsuit competitions. Yeah I wish my legs were that long, and I had a perfect tan, but I am pretty happy with my body. Next walks up Miss Maine. She is a vegetarian. That's fine. I respect her choice. But then...

If you love Miss Maine's body than hers a tip, perhaps you should consider becoming a vegetarian, she's been one since she was nine. Yup the announcer chick spits out this line. And then proceeds to tell everyone that we just need to give up bugers. AHAHAHAHAHA.

I really don't know what to say.

So, I will say this... I am happy with my choice to eat beef, and dairy, and pork and poultry and all that good stuff. And I know I can consumer these foods while having a healthy lifestyle.

If Miss Announcer girl is wanting to be skinny maybe she should look at the 29 lean cuts of beef. Burger made with 95% lean beef would fall into that category. So would sirloin, T-bones, brisket or flank steak.

When comparing 3-ounce cooked servings (the size of a deck of cards), the 29 lean cuts of beef have on average only 1.2 grams more saturated fat than a skinless chicken breast and ALL 29 lean cuts of beef have less total fat and saturated fat than the same serving size of a skinless chicken thigh. I'll take beef please.

Click to enlarge the list of lean cuts of beef. 


  1. I honestly wonder how these people think the world will survive if we all go vegan and stop eating any form of meat/animal product. How will we feed the world? Destroy the entire planet to grow more crops -that would really be beneficial.
    Like anything eating meat should be a personal choice and these do gooders who are encouraging people to never eat meat should close their mouths or put a nice juicy steak in it instead.

  2. I usually love Giuliana and I know she was just reading script or pointing out a fact about Miss Maine but it totally bugged me too..... people who aren't informed shouldn't say things that try to encourage ways of life. This particular comment?? She has no idea how it could affect the beef industry. No way to I want to look like the contestants badly enough to become vegetarian either.

  3. I'll admit I watched some of show too, thanks to my neighbor wanting to watch it. We didn't tune in until closer to the end. Therefore, I missed that comment, and I think I'm glad I did!

  4. Oh this is hilarious! I didn't tune into the show, but I can only imagine. I would never be a vegetarian and you don't have to be to be skinny!

  5. Oh those wonderful tidbits of information. If that was the only interesting fact they could come up for her as she walked past the crowd I feel sorry for her. What a snub to the other non-vegetarian girls. They all had rockin' bodies - it takes much more than being a vegetarian to look like that! (Like being born 6ft 7 with legs that go on forever!) LOL - but seriously a healthy diet and active life is the true key to being fit and trim!

  6. Let them give it up. More for me! ;o)

  7. Amen. The part I hate about the current food discussions is the idea that the government can tell us what we can/can't eat and how much. When did we stop living in America?

  8. I could never give up meat! In fact I just discovered a new burger place last night called Burgers & Beer... Now I want another burger!


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