Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Corn Report: J.Crew and dry corn

Fashionable in the corn field. 

After being gone from home for the past week, I could really notice a difference in the corn field. It was dry before, however it is really dry now. So although, we are a little bummed about the corn I had a rocking outfit to wear to the wedding we went to this weekend. Win some, lose some I guess.

Who says you can't wear heels to the corn field. I wore them to the barnyard to feed cows last week.
Heels Nine West

It's been back to back wedding weekends for the Boy and I. Our cows are going to expect us to come dressed up to the barnyard all the time. 

I look cute, but our corn kind of looks sad. And thirsty.
Jacket Banana Republic (similar jacket), dress J. Crew Outlet, turquoise necklace J. Crew Outlet. 

Two weeks ago the corn leaves had started to curl and roll a little. In those two weeks we only got a couple tenths of an inch and that has not helped the situation at all. Healthy corn plants will usually reach about 8 feet tall by mid-summer, and their roots about 6.5 feet deep. Obviously, we can't see underground so the leaves are telling us what the plant is going through. One a positive note our crops had good soil and moisture conditions at the beginning of the season so these corn plants that you are looking at should have strong healthy roots. 

Now if any of your live in Florida we would love you to send us some rain. Also, please send some rain to Colorado. We certainly have all the people affected by the fires in our prayers.


  1. I love the J. Crew dress & necklace. I am hoping I stumble across an outlet soon! I am still wishing all of our rain your way -- our lakes are almost dried up, but I don't know which was worse, the water that was there or the mud and wreck left behind when it leaves! Enjoy your stay in Grand Island!

  2. LOVE your outfit!
    It's very dry here too...beans and corn look not so great. Ponds are dwindling down daily. We are not selling our cattle for 2 more weeks...I think my hubby would like to sell now! Praying for rain and plugging thru the 100+ degree temps!

  3. Super cute outfit! Love your hair!
    It's started to get a bit dry here in Texas, we are hoping for rain soon! It's only been a few months since the end of our drought.


  4. LOVE your outfit!! Hoping your corn gets some rain soon!

  5. lol, I know the feeling of doing your chores before you go out or in between. The animals look at you in your heels like "what the??"

  6. Thanks for your thoughts on Colorado. We're way far east of the mountains, yet have had 5 wildfires in our county in the last week. It's pretty sad when our irrigated corn can't even keep up with the heat and is getting dry too! Good luck with the weather.

  7. I just found this from your post today. I love it!!!!
    I call this 'farm fabulous'. I love it.

    You would be a great 'everyday cowgirl' for me to write about.

    If you would be interested please let me know. Thanks!


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