Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Here's you chance to #AskUSDA about #SchoolFoodsRule

They are giving us a forum.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 29, the USDA will be talking about the new changes to the School Lunch Program at 1:00 PM EST

Some things that I hope are discussed:

1. Does this one-size all approach to nutrition really work?
2. Will those children who rely on school lunches as a vital part of their nutrition suffer?
3. How should children who are athletes deal with the restriction in calories?
4. Why can't we provide more lean protein for our growing kids?

The good news. By tweeting to @USDA with the hashtags #AskUSDA and #SchoolFoodsRule your questions could be answered. Janey Thaney, Under Secretary for Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services will be leading the chat. Hopefully, she has a much clearer understanding of the new changes that Secretary Tom Vilsack did in this interview.

For more perspective on these changes check out this great post from mom Debbie Blythe "School Lunches are Not Making our Kids Fat."


  1. Crystal thank you so much for posting this information! I hope many share their voices and concerns. I will be there!

    1. You are welcome. I think it is going to be an interesting conversation.

  2. I won't be able to join, but would you ask them why our kids have to take 2 servings of vegetables (most of which ends up in the trash)? I would love it if you could do a recap of it for those of us that can't join!


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