Thursday, August 2, 2012

Turquoise Bubble Jewelry

You are going to be excited. 

Since it has been such a long time since I have done a Turquoise Thursday I figured it better be a good one. You know my love of this J.Crew Bubble Necklace, but it is not cheap. I was lucky and got mine on sale at the outlet.

However, do not fear because I have discovered a bunch of bubble turquoise jewelry pieces all all kind of price points. 

I am crazy about these Loren Hope turquoise bubble earrings. They make my smile. They are going on my Gifts for Crystal Pinterest page. Hint, hint. 

And they have a gorgeous matching turquoise necklace

Maybe you like something a little more simple. If so you can not beat these turquoise bubble earrings by Ily Couture. 

They also have single bubble necklaces in all kinds of colors, and the bigger bubble necklaces like the one I am wearing at a fraction of the price of the J.Crew necklace. 

Last, but not least coral and turquoise is always a popular combination. 

Be sure to check out Ily Couture and Loren Hope. They have tons of gorgeous pieces in more than just turquoise. 


  1. singing ~~~~ LOVE
    You are first class my friend !!!
    great post ~ have missed TT

  2. Love it! Thanks for letting me know where I can bask in all this turquoise glory!

  3. Love both these sites. Just received a package from ILY couture yesterday! Glad you are back to Turquoise Thursday!


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