Thursday, August 16, 2012

Turquoise Fashion Bloggers

They cause me to want to shop way too much. 

Just a quick post today because last night a kink was thrown into any blogging plans. We had just got home from picturing some of the heifer calves we have for sale at the farm. Think cattle model/cover shoot. I had supper on the stove and the boy jumped in the shower. Suddenly, he reappeared from the bathroom and announced that the water had stopped working mid-shower. The part where you still have shampoo in your hair.

That afternoon the power company had been burying a cable and I guess our line got cut or something. The result of no water meant a night at the inlaws house. But today is a new day and Turquoise Thursday so lets begin.

First of all my friends know me too well. This sweet gift arrived in the mail from Holli. Perfect #armparty. You can find a similar cross bracelet here, and the other bracelet is David Yurman.

I want this J.Crew turquoise coat! If you haven't been to The Chloe Conspiracy you must check out her blog. 

Also check out my K-State loving friend Sheridan's blog Wimmer Wimmer Chicken Dinner. She is becoming quite the fashion blogger and I love her Old Navy turquoise pants

And that is all folks. I'll have an update on our awesome State Fair trip very soon.


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! I'm a lot better at typing "not green, but not blue" than turquoise. AH, I screwed it up TWICE that time. I hate it. :) Thanksssss!

  2. Thanks for the shoutout! You are so welcome, of course! I love that coat!! Hope the water gets fixed!

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