Monday, February 15, 2010

And this is how the Olympics feel

Oh, Canada!

So I had a pretty proud moment last night. Canada finally was able to win a gold medal on home soil. Something that had never been done. Tbaugh and I were watching the Olympics and we decided there is something pretty magical about them. Every year you can try and win the Super Bowl, all while getting paid millions of dollars to do it. Meanwhile these Olympic athletes give up everything for a shot every four years.

I was telling Tbaugh how much a gold medal in hockey would mean to Canada. The best way to put it is if we get to stand on that podium, and watch our flag rise, the whole nation will stop and sing the national anthem. It means more than a lot to us. It's really hard to describe. But that feeling makes you well up with pride.

I love this video of the crowds reaction after they realize that Mogul Skier Alexandre Bilodeau had secured the gold.

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  1. Did you figure out what sport I should start training for so I can participate in the 2014 games? I'm leaning towards figure skating :)


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