Monday, February 1, 2010

National Ag Day - Time to Tell Your Story

Mark your calendars.

OK folks, here is our chance for our one day in the spotlight - National Ag Day, March 20, 2010. Each day many of us talk about our livelihoods, and how farmers help feed, clothe and fuel the world. So now that you are well aware of this great day ahead of us, let's make sure that others are aware. We can use our networks, whether they be friends, colleagues or that social one everybody is always talking about to spread our message.

I got this great email when I was in San Antonio (details on that to come soon) from the National Agri Marketers Association about agday.orgwhich has all kinds of great resources including media kits, talking points, fact sheets and ways that we can all spread our message. 

A few months ago my blogger friend Caleb, at America's Great Divide, suggested that we all contact Google. I didn't know this but the great artwork that you see on the Google words during holidays or special days can be clicked on, leading you to a wealth of information about that subject or event. Well why shouldn't Ag Day be featured? Caleb contacted their business development group and shared his thoughts here. How many requests do you think we can send them in the next 48 days? Use some of the information from to get your point across.

If you decide to participate let me know! I would love to hear your ideas whether it is as small as changing your facebook status to holding an Ag Day event.


  1. Thanks for mentioning my post Crystal. I did follow through on contacting Google but had never heard back after 12 or so attempts. So...everyone out there, we're gonna need a whole bunch of requests that National Ag Day gets a day as Google Art on their home page.

  2. thanks for pointing me to that blog. It was hilarious!

  3. I am going to contact google now! Thanks for the heads up!


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