Friday, February 12, 2010

I am a proud Farm Girl/Boy Clothing

Telling the world who I am.

Love it this stuff! Today I came across I really cool line of clothing called Farm Boy Brand. Obviously, these guys are in touch with their agriculture side because they have created products that speak to those who grew up on the farm, but still want to be fashionable. I have posted a few pictures, but really you need to visit their website because they have tons to offer in both men's and women's styles.

I wish I could wear hats more. 
I love how you could fill in our many generations of farmer you are.
So in Canada this is called a toque. You American's call it a sock hat or a toboggan (a toboggan is a sled, I would know, I'm from Canada)

I thought this backpack is really cute. Would be great for the gym or football games too. 


  1. This clothing line is awesome Crystal! They used to make Jeans and John LOVED them - however they don't make them anymore!

  2. Their products are available on both sides of the border and online too, which is really cool.


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