Thursday, February 25, 2010

Toughest Little Cowboy

Mutton Bustin' at its finest

So I am sure that you have all seen those little kids climb onto a sheep at your local fair and hang on for dear life as the ewe takes off across the pen. Maybe you did it yourself when you where a little tyke, but did you ever consider going pro?

Last weekend, I had the chance to witness RFD-TV's mutton bustin' competition, Wool Warriors, held in conjunction with the PBR. During the afternoon boys and girls, seven years old and younger, weighing no more than 60 lbs. had the chance to qualify for the top 20 spots, and then compete that night in the <>Dallas Cowboys Stadium. We are talking helmets, chaps, cowboys boots, mini bucking chutes kind of action.

The riders were scored on time and skill, just like the real cowboys. You should have seen the little guys hang on, and when they were finally plucked from their ewe they would rip their hockey helmet off and pump it in the air. A couple even threw it like they had seen their heroes throw their cowboy hats after an awesome ride, one little boy even did a bum shake.

I had a feeling my little cousin will be dragging his mom and dad across the state line, and be joining the circuit if he finds out about this.

Hanging on for dear life. 

This little girl was the champion. The trophy was twice as big as her. 


  1. I've always wanted to enter my kids in this competition in the fair....maybe I will this summer - if they're up for it! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Crystal...the little girl that won is my daughter. She just showed up and said "Daddy I wanna ride." We didn't even have a camera. If you have any other pictures please let us know.


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