Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Understand this - it's in my blood.

3 days and counting...

So I am a little shocked, I don't think anyone stateside knows what HUGE event will be taking place next week. On February 12, the 2010 Olympics will be kicking off, in my homeland nevertheless. And furthermore it means game time for Canada's hockey teams.

I think it's hard for some people to understand, but the love of hockey runs in my veins. Miss South Dakota and R3 (the roommates) have already poked fun at my passion, and are aware it could be a long couple of weeks. I don't watch hockey every week, I can't even tell you who is leading the Western Conference in the NHL right now, but when I get a chance to watch a game there is just something that makes my heart race.

I immediately picked up this weeks Sports Illustrated because of the Olympics on the cover, and inside I found the story that pretty much sums up what hockey means to Canadians. The first story "Destiny's Child" by S.L. Price, talks about Sidney Crosby, who hopefully will be Canada's fearful leader all the way to the gold metal podium. I love this quote.

"Crosby isn't just the center, figuratively and literally, of Team Canada. He's the defender of the faith." - Don Cherry

The second story, "Canada Obsessed," by Michael Farber, discusses Canada and their absolute passion that has been leading up to the 2010 Olympics. In 2006 we didn't make it pass Russia in the quarterfinals. This year the expectations have risen.

"If the home team doesn't win hockey gold, much of the nation will mourn the Games as a failure."
"The only color that counts is gold." 
For Christmas my dad took me to my first NHL game ever. Oilers vs. the Flames, "the battle of Alberta." Within 20 seconds we scored, and the next face-off led to a fight center ice. Nothing like being fours lefts to the right of the goal, and two seats behind the glass.

My team. 

Nothing like a good ole hockey fight. 

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  1. Excellent hockey post for our American friends! I'll be in Vancouver for the Olympics and I hope to get some cool shots. Maybe even catch a hockey game or two.

    Dave- ShowChampions

  2. Dave that will be awesome! I can't wait to see some of the pictures. Have a fabulous time.

  3. Go Canada Go - Can't wait for the Olympic games to begin. Along with our hockey teams, I am excited to see people like Melissa Hollingworth in the skeleton. I am sure she is the only participant to have rodeo pictures on her helmet. It's Time To Believe!


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