Monday, February 15, 2010

High Country Cattle, Yellowfail and the Olympics

Just a quick note...

So I realized today that Old Man Winter plans on sticking around for as long as possible. It was COLD out today, and I got to feel it firsthand as we wrapped up the 2010 K-State Legacy Bull Sale video.

Calving is going well at home Dad says I have a cracker jack of a bull calf. I am just happy for an alive calf. My luck hasn't been so hot the past couple of years. You can see some of the new calves on my parents blog. I can't wait to get home in March to see the new babies.

If you are looking for your Agriculture Advocacy intake for the day you might check out the facebook group Yellowfail. This fan page was created in response to Yellowtail's $100,000 donation to HSUS (an anti-agriculture group, that uses homeless dogs and kitty cats as their front). Remember to stop buying Yellowtail wine products, and support a Canadian or U.S. winery.

And p.s. if you haven't figured it out yet the Olympics are on! My sister has been doing a great job of recapping the Olympics each day on her blog. I wore my bright red CANADA shirt to work on Friday. I can't wait for the men's hockey to start, the women are so far crushing their opponents! And I was super pumped/proud to watch Alexandre Bilodeu claim the gold medal in moguls for Canada. It was our first gold of the games, and the first gold win for a Canada on home turf.

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  1. We just got edged out of another gold medal in the men's snowboard cross. Still ended up with a silver medal!


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