Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Alphabet Crayons and Soybeans

An educational experience 

I came across this awesome DIY project on spearmint baby. Don't raise your eyebrow as to why I was on a baby blog, I actually found it through a wedding blog, and no hmm about that either, the point is I am glad I found it because...

Look at these! Alphabet crayons!
How fun are these. The wedding blog suggested that you spell out words and give them to your little guests. I think coloring outside of the lines would be more fun if you could use the letter C. 

And they are really easy to make. Click here for the full directions. 

And lastly, did you know that lots of crayons are made with soybeans. The petroleum oil used in crayons  can be replaced with soybean oil and waxes, and that means they are safer for us to use, and gives you another reason to supporter farmers. 

Did you know this is what soybeans look like when it is time to harvest them?

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