Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Turquoise color of choice

Want verses need.

The picture is pretty self explanatory of how amazing this necklace is. If for some reason you would all like to pool together and purchase this item for me I would be eternally grateful. That's all. Try and not let the drool hit your keyboard.

Nest Chucky Turquoise Necklace. 


  1. That would look amazing with a white shirt that I have. LOVE it :)

  2. I think a white collared shirt and a pair of blue jeans would be perfect additions.

  3. A blogger friend of mine has this necklace. LOVE it. Here's the necklace on her: http://www.prettyinpinkmegan.com/2010/06/outfit-questions-answered.html

  4. That necklace looks awesome on her.

  5. Lady, you are TOO funny! And yes, that necklace kicks butt.


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