Monday, June 14, 2010

The face's of farmers

Do you know who raises your food?
Today it's harder to know what a farmer looks like. That's because most people are now removed two or more generations from a farm. I showed you how a field of barley turns into a product that you can consumer, but who are the people behind that product?

This is what a farmer looks like.

He is a farmer, he owns this field and crop. 

He is a farmer. He is a customer combine driver. Not only does he work on his own fields, but helps other farmers. 

He is a farmer. Remember the grain truck from the other post. That is what he is driving.

He is a farmer. His son is the very first guy. He comes to the farm as often as possible to help.

Not all farmers like their pictures taken. So they pull their hats down and try and hide from my camera.

He is a farmer, and a rancher. When he isn't helping with harvest, he's back in the feedlot tending to the cattle that will eventually eat those crops.

And hopefully, one day, these two boys will become farmers themselves, but there is a chance neither will. Even though lots of kids grow up on farms and ranchers and have a fascination with agriculture, many leave to purse careers off the farm. This means that technology and efficiency is going to become more and more important so we can feed more people with less.


  1. Great post Crystal! And I agree with your experience that not all farmers like getting their pictures taken!

  2. Fabulous post!

  3. A really neat post!!!

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies!

  5. Crystal--came across this site

    I am doing a series or portraits of Americans. 50 to be exact. One for each of the states. I have 28 completed--so I have 22 states to do. They are drawings and watercolors.
    I saw the photo on one of the farmers. And thought what a great watercolor that could make.
    Looking for a great photo of a farmer --that I could do a watercolor of
    also looking for a state I have not done so far.
    I am hoping it is Virginia...(or one of 21 states)
    I am hoping it is not in Ohio.

    Anyways thanks

    James Mills
    Strategic Marketing
    4540 Campus Dr.
    Newport Beach Ca 92662


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