Monday, June 7, 2010

You're a real farm girl when you are excited about the World's Biggest Tractor

The things you'll see in Iowa

So it seems like there has been a reoccurring them to my posts, the things you'll see in blankety, blankety state. First Oklahoma and now Iowa.

This weekend I headed back up to Iowa. Yes, there is a person I like to visit up there, but that really isn't the point of this post. The point is this big guy.

The World's Biggest Tractor - Big Bud

I had a chance to see this piece of equipment at Heartland Acres, an agriculture learning center located in Independence, IA, and Big Bud is currently on display there. It was actually pretty cute to see all these farmers flocking to this tractor. You could see their eyes light up.

Quick Facts:
It is a custom built tractor, that was constructed in Montana, in 1977 for a cost of $300,000
It was a 1,000 gallon diesel tank 
Big Bud 28.5 feet long, 14 feet high, 21 feet wide, and has a wheel base of 16.5 feet

The whole museum is actually worth seeing. It does a great job of documenting the history of agriculture, and of showing how technology has improved the efficiency of how we produce food to feed the world

It was also amazing to see how fast the corn is growing in Iowa. This is the field behind the Boy's house. Two weeks ago it was only poking out of the ground, and he says that by July 4th it'll be waste high. 

I am told the corn is bent over a little because of a combination of lots of moisture and wind. Hopefully, I can keep you updated on its progress this summer. 


  1. OMW!!! Until 2008 my husband's family had a Bud just like this one! It was an amazing piece of machinery, but very particular! Ours had a Corvette steering column. And Bud preferred to start and run best for women. Our guys cussed him terribly! Yes, him, he was quite the character. Quiet cab, but I could hear him working several miles away! He prefers wide open FLAT ground as well. Buying him new shoes in 2005 cost us well over $30k. Thanks for the memories!

  2. It is indeed an amazing piece of machinery, it size is incredible, it is amazing watching it in action.


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