Monday, June 21, 2010

I like to win


It's not much of a secret among those that know me, but I don't like standing behind the champion. I remember my mom trying to lift my spirits up after a junior cattle show. I ended up third or something like that in the overall aggregate point contest. She was telling me what a great job I did, and I simply replied, "No one remembers anything but first." I am a highly competitive person, and falling behind only makes me want to work harder.

If you have been keeping up with my 101 in 1001 goals you will have seen I have taken up golf. I have always like golf, and spent many afternoons watching it with my dad. The funny thing with golf is I want to be good, but despite the number of strokes I have on my score card I still have a really good time playing. This is probably a positive thing. Well, this theory and feelings kind of went out the door when The Boy and I were playing a round this weekend. On about the 6th hole or so he announced that I we were really close in score, and I might beat him. And then it was on.

The only problem was is that I had a really bad 9th hole - into the swamp, wet shoes, a bad shot with my wedge, ugh, and that led to me The Boy walking away with a win by one. He was kind and marked my score as 6ish, when it should have probably been closer to nine. I may have stomped my feet a little bit, over the lost, and told him that I should be rewarded for my honestly when she said he would let me cheat on an earlier hole, but didn't. No matter how you looked at it he beat me, and now he is fully aware of my competitiveness. Here is to the next nine holes.

Disclosure statement: The Boy didn't have either of his wedges to use on this short course, and he says this would have dramatically helped his game. 

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