Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's to hard to be wordless

Welcome to another edition of Wordful Wednesdays.

So, I am not even sure if wordful is a word, but it serves the purpose, and it's much too hard for me to do a Wordless Wednesday. The next few days are going to be a little busy, but I really wanted to share a taste of my Memorial Day weekend. I shot a ton of pictures for Premium Natural Beef, and can't wait to share more of their story with you. So here is a taste in the mean time.

20 points to whomever can guess what crop this is, and it's not wheat. Fair warning, not sure what you will be able to do with these points, but you'll be excited to have them.


  1. Spelt? Kamut? I have no clue but I use those two crops plus wheat for baking, they're very similar

  2. All I'd like to know is how can I buy this picture from you?! I just recently finished my living room and am looking for some great pieces!

  3. Ummm, Rye? **hoping to God I don't sound stupid**

  4. Barley. But I cheated.

  5. Well, after a few guesses from Twitter and comments here, we have a correct answer. Yes, it is a barley! Sheridan rye was close, but I prefer that in a liquid form ;)

  6. I just so happened to know that it was barley thanks to good ol' crop science last semester lol.


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