Sunday, June 27, 2010

On our farm we care

Speaking to the public

I came across these billboards that have been put in place by the Farm Animal Council of Saskatchewan (FACS). I have talked a lot about what U.S. agriculture groups are doing to tell agriculture's story. Sometimes I feel like Canadians aren't as aware of what animal rights groups are capable of, and where our industry may be headed. I really commend the FACS and the livestock associations they have worked with, in being proactive.

We need consumers to know what a farmer and rancher looks like. They trust us, we just have to talk to them.

The FACS has a lot of good resources on their website that I would encourage you to check out.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Crystal!

  2. These are fantastic! I agree with Laura, thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks ladies. I was really excited to see these billboards. Maybe we can get some in Alberta?

  4. This is a fabulous campaign and I'm glad there's a fairly public show. I'd love to see these become more popular, even on this side of the border.

    I'm sure folks here in Illinois could use a reminder that the corn, bean, wheat, pumpkin, potato, gladiolus, and barley fields they're surrounded by are actually the product of someone's blood sweat and tears.

    And I think just about everyone could use a reminder of the fact that food, especially meat, eggs, and milk, don't just come from a store.

    Kudos to you, northern neighbors!


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