Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Boys of Fall

Gives you chills

It is finally here. Football season. I haven't always been crazy about football. Back home in Canada there weren't Friday night football games. However, that all changed once I got to college. I remember my first college football game was with my friend Emilie. We played OSU, had the day off of judging and did we ever have fun.

I learned the K-State fight song, the Pledge of Alligence and my hate for KU at football games, and now ever fall I wait in anticipation for the games to start again.

This weekend is our first football game, and I am missing it. I am headed to Texas with the boy for a wedding. The scarfices we make. I shouldn't give him too hard of a time, I am making him miss the Iowa vs. Iowa State game. Which I have been told is close to some sort of religious event in Iowa.

So as a I am watching the score updates on my blackberry this week, take a look at this video. It gives me goosebumps and reminds what the fall is all about.


  1. Great post --- I had no idea you were from Canada. We thought you were from Kansas ... shows what we know!

    We are all excited for football season to start ... and can't wait for our 2 colleges to play in 2 weeks ... Nebraska @ Washington!

    Welcome to Texas ... You couldn't have chosen a better weekend to be here weather-wise!

    ~Traci (ZNT Cattle)

  2. Yes, I am crazy about collegiate football also. Love all collegiate sports. It is really fall once the games have begun.

  3. Such a great video! I used this on my post about college football FINALLY being here as well! :)

  4. Crystal I am a KU fan so please don't hold that against me! lol However after the way they played on Saturday I might find a different team. Actually I'm a KU basketball fan and a Big 12 football fan. I dragged my hubby to the KU game and he proudly wore his KSU hat!

    It's always nice to find a fellow Kansasan blog.


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