Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday Turquoise Rawhide Style

Take a seat

One day when I have my own house and I fill it with nice things I wouldn't mind have one or two, OK maybe all of these items in my house.

Combining my love for turquoise and cowhide. Perfection. And thanks to The Farmer's Trophy Wife for leading me to this find. p.s. Don't look at the prices. It will just make you sad. 

I also really like alligator. Maybe I should start an alligator farm. I like it fried and then could make lots of boots and chairs. 

I literally think my hear stopped when I saw this chair. Can you hear the angels singing? Pure glory on Earth. 


  1. I would gladly be a partner in this gator business... :)

  2. I'll gladly shoot your gators and skin them out for you (once some cajun teaches me how), as long as you let me loot some sweet furniture from you! This stuff is AWESOME!

  3. WICKED chairs!! I love your proposal to raise alligators - you crack me up Crystal.

  4. those are awesome, but those prices, holy cow!!!

  5. I creeped on the website and found something else turquoise and gorgeous. Add this jacket to the wish list:

  6. Chelsea, great find. I think it a won the lottery I would go on a shopping spree there.

  7. Great picks...and I'm in line for whenever you start making furniture, and boots, and purses... :)


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