Wednesday, September 1, 2010

College Football vs College of Ag

It's that time of year

I have got football on the brain. I can't believe the first game of the season is almost here. There is something about going to football games in Manhattan, Kansas, that I love. I am pretty sure it is the only college football game that you will see advertisements for Five Rivers Feeders or Nuflor up on the jumbotron during the game. Cowboy boots and cowboy hats can be seen in every direction. And every large-animal pharmaceutical company is throwing a tailgate.

Our athletics program is pretty decent, but I would always take some more wins. One day I will probably send some money in their direction. I am planning on having pretty good football seats and it is the only way to get there. However, right now I know that the dollars I send to the College of Ag probably have a greater impact. I would rather support scholarships that with put the youth who will feed the world through college, than sending dollars to athletics so we can buy a bigger jumbtron.

However, in Nebraska it seems like things are a little different. On August 20, Tom Osborne, Nebraska's Athletics Director, announced the Cornhusker Co-op. The program allows managers at elevators, from across the state, to authorize portions of farmer's grain yield as a donation to the Athletic Department.

Too bad these designated funds couldn't go towards their College of Ag.

Maybe we can get Kansas State on board for a program similar to this. I can see the headline now, "Kansas wheat farms donate portion of yields to ag scholarships, livestock judging teams, and international agriculture trips."


  1. They already do that here at K-State. In addition to supporting scholarships and programs on campus, there is a significant tax benefit for making a charitable contribution.

  2. Ahh MHK during football season. I love it. I hate it. I can't wait for it!


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