Thursday, September 16, 2010

I have landed down under.

Good day mate.

Yes, they really say that. I have now spent two full days in Sydney. And the quick recap goes something like this.

The flight wasn't too bad. 15 hours, and I was able to sleep for most of it, but my butt really did hurt by the end. I was jealous of the business class people that had the seats that folded down into a bed. Airplane food, really not that bad.

A friend of the family's picked me up from the airport. First thing I did was go to the "passenger" side to get in. Yeah, in Australia the "passenger" side is the drivers side. I also, kept on thinking we were going to get hit. By day two I think I am much more of a pro. They even have look right or look left at the crosswalks to help you tell which way the traffic is coming. Obviously, foreigners aren't the only ones that have a problem with this backwards system.

Sydney reminds me a lot of Edmonton (Alberta's capital, the biggest city to me growing up). There is a huge Asian population and it's very multicultural.

Today, I felt like I was in an episode of the Amazing Race. Checking out busing, train and flight options to try and get me to my next destinations. The only thing is that it was my own money and no prize at the end. Otherwise I am pretty sure I would have won.

The food is pretty good. I had some amazing Thai food last night (thanks Asian influence), that included my first experience with duck. It was great. All the menus crack me up. Everything has pesto, sundried tomatoes, organic goat cheese, etc, etc. Nothing is plain ole meat, cheese, and condiments. Also, if they ask you if you want salad on your burger or sandwich that means lettuce, tomatoes, etc. I did go to a grocery store, and will have a meat blog up once I can download some photos. Oh, and I have found it quite hard to find beef on menus.

Today, I also took in an AC/DC exhibit at the Powerhouse museum. They are amazing. I really don't know how else to describe them.

Next, I am headed to Canberra, to visit with the people of the National Farmers Federation and the Sheep and Meat Council. I have enjoyed Sydney, but I am really ready to be around some ag people again. Guess you just can't take the farm girl out of me.

Until next time.

Oh p.s. the light switches are backwards too. Down means power on, and up is power off. Odd.


  1. Haha. This is fantastic reading an Americans first encounter of our vast land. I had no idea our light switches were any different to any other.

    Beef can quite expensive as you've probably found out. You should be able to find some great grassfed steak around somewhere though. Most of Australias best meat gets exported. Lucky Japanese.

    But the burning question remains unanswered: Does our toilet water spin the wrong way?

  2. I have never heard about the light swtich backwards thing! Crazy! Great to hear from you and looking forward to fabulous posts AND pictures!!

  3. Not positive but I think Canberra is where we went to some very good wineries if you have interest and/or time. It was very good and a beautiful way to see some countryside! I believe the name of one was Snowy Mountain or Snowy River Winery. Have a fun time and watch out for HUGE snakes.


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