Thursday, September 16, 2010

Turquoise Thursday - Farmer's Trophy Wife

Switching it up.

Currently, I am somewhere in Australia. If I stick to my itinerary hopefully in Sydney. I have prewritten this post, in case I get stranded in land of somewhere Down Under and can't keep my readers updated. So if you see an Australia update before this post I have probably told you what a great time I am having, and if you haven't received an update get don't assume I am dead. I am probably having a fantastic time, just haven't found Internet.

OK back to the subject on hand. I will be trying my hardest to find some turquoise in Australia, but in the mean time I want to you to check out the Farmer's Trophy Wife blog. She is my blog friend and I get lots of inspiration from her for my post. Copper is one of her favorite colors. So check out her blog or visit her on facebook, and tell her I say hello while you are there.

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  1. Hello darling! Hope you are having a FABULOUS time!!!! I am completely jealous and LOVING all the posts from down under! Thanks for the shout out! :)


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