Saturday, September 18, 2010

Capital city, War Memorial, Olives, and Really Big Sheep

All in a day in Australia

Today was a great day. I had the opportunity to travel around Canberra, Australia's capital city, with the Nixon family. Canberra a really interesting city, it's what they call a planned city, and most everything was planned around the Parliament building. When I can get some pictures off my camera I'll tell you more about it. It's pretty cool. I also toured the National War Memorial which was really great. Probably one of the top five museums that I have been in.

This was one of my favorite parts. It recognizes all the soldiers that fought in wars, and people come place poppies by their names in remembrance.

In the afternoon I met up with Katrina Nixon. She has been at a fruit cake judging at their Royal Agriculture Society. This was a regional or zone competition and the winning cake will now compete in Sydney. Katrina drove the lady that did the judging an hour and half just to select the prized fruit cake. She was great. After the winner was announced the CEO of the Camberra Agricultural Society gave a presentation about other agriculture shows from across the world, one of them being the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth - the Calgary Stampede. It was really interesting to hear someone else's perspective on an event that my family has been so involved in.

I swelled up with pride as he talked about what a wonderful event the Calgary Stampede is. He talked about the strong volunteer force, the lines to see the Dream Home, the excitement of the chuckwagon races and the even compared the Grandstand Show to the opening ceremonies of an Olympic games. Yeah, I was smiling.

Afterwards we headed northwest, stopping to have afternoon tea at an olive farm. I could get very used to afternoon tea and all the desserts that come with it. This time it was an apple turnover and ice cream. Yummy.

This was the olive grove that was in front of the restaurant we had our tea at. I am not sure what the olive growing season is, but currently there was no fruit on the trees.

And there was the stop at the biggest Merino sheep, probably in the world. He only weighs 97 tonnes.

Me and the big sheep. Merino sheep are found all over Australia. They are know for their wool quality.
And of course we needed a rear view picture. haha


  1. It all sounds like fun - but I think I love the giant sheep the most - esp. the pic of his hind end - it made me smile - weird I know but true!

  2. Here in Australia we love our 'big stuff'. There're giant models of pretty much anything you can think of somewhere in Aus. Pineapples, Bananas, Oranges, Lobster, Wool Bales, Koalas. You name it, there's a giant one somewhere.

  3. Hi Crystal,
    Just letting you know that Canberra is Australia's capital, not Sydney's as you've written.

    HOpe you're having an amazing time in our great country, Sam

  4. I love the Sheep butt...that's perfect! I'm glad to see that you having a great time... I'm not surprised...we had snow today so yeah...spring in Australia would be awesome right about now!


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