Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beef is good fuel for the body.

Just keep running. 

This summer I had the opportunity to meet Barb Downey. She is a really amazing lady, and it didn't hurt that she has a beautiful ranch in the Flint Hills of Kansas. She is a mother, rancher, business woman, agvocate and marathon runner. I am pretty sure that one day the first four nouns can be used to describe me, but I am not so sure on the fifth.

Barb used to be obese, and had major health problems, but you would never know from looking at her today. What went from taking walks to running a power pole length at a time, has turned into running full fledge marathons, the Boston Marathon to be exact. And to power her she uses to fuel her - beef. No better lean protein in my opinion.

Last night the third I am Angus show that I have worked on aired on RFD-TV. I have many favorite episodes but wanted to share Barb's story with you first. I love her line about how people are relieved to find out that beef is a healthy option, not something that has to be enjoyed as a treat every now and then.

We need more people out there telling the story of beef like Barb is.


  1. Love Barb's story! You did an excellent job, Crystal! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very neat story! Look forward to reading more!

  3. I am your new follower :) I invite you to check out my "Christmas Cheer"..don't miss it!


  4. I'm a big fan of Barb's. She's almost as good of an athlete as an agvocate. Thanks for highlighting her accomplishments. And I hope all your readers get a chance to meet her someday.

  5. Thanks for recommending your post on Barb the marathon running rancher. I have to admit that it actually brought tears to my eyes. Awesome story!

  6. Becky, I am glad you enjoyed it so much! Keep on running.


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