Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stop to smell the roses

I hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend. I am currently in Oklahoma for The Boy's family's Production sale. No rest for the wicked. I figure I am just going to make this jet lag a mind over matter thing.

Wanted to share a couple images with your from the Botancial Gardens in Sydney. There were so many beautiful flowers in bloom. I was quite enjoying my walk until I entered the plam tree section of the gardens. I looked up to see dozen of bats, really big bats, hanging from the tops of the trees. And that's when I decided my little stroll was over. I didn't even stop to take a picture. So instead enjoy the more pleasant photos that I did snap.

More Australia posts to come this week.


  1. I really like the white one with the building in the background.

  2. Trust their sale went awesome and that you had fun ;) Gorgeous flowers! I love the red/fuchsia one.

  3. Hey Crystal - glad you enjoyed the botanic gardens. There is actually a tree in 'poets corner' of the gardens that is a cutting from the poplars on my farm! Anyway the bats you saw are flying foxes - they have ginger fur - hence the fox - and have become a huge problem in the botanic gardens. they have tried some programs to relocate them but with limited success. They are also a big problem for orchard areas as they eat/damage the fruit. Hope you enjoyed the gardens (except the bat encounter). Come visit again soon. Cheers Jaz

  4. Thanks for the comment Jasmine. I didn't know any of that information about the bats! How cool to have part of your farm in the Botanical Gardens.


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