Thursday, October 21, 2010

Crack the champagne

Expressing my gratitude. 

I want to say I a huge thank-you to everyone that stops by my blog. Today, I reached a huge milestone - 200 followers! And I know there are many more of you that pop in every now and then to take a peak.

I hope that my excitement for agriculture (and the occasional gorgeous turquoise find) has been contagious.  I really do believe that along with harvest, calving, keeping records, feeding, marketing and all the other things that are part of our daily routine on our farms and ranchers that agvocating is going to have to be added to that list if we want to stay in business.

There are too many consumers that are too far removed from agriculture. Many of them want to learn about where their food comes, but they don't know where to turn. If we aren't there to educate and guide them, they could end up down the wrong road. A road that HSUS and anti-agriculture groups would love to see them on.

I hope that this blog will one day be apart of some bigger plans. In the meantime keep on reading, and thank-you.


  1. Cheers to keeping agriculture information accessible and to telling our own farm story:)
    Great job Crystal!

  2. Don't remember how I found your blog but it's bookmarked and I check in regularly.

    Congrats on 200 followers. You are a great ambassador for all things agriculture.


Thanks for stopping by! I love to hear from all my readers. Hope you have a fabulous day.

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