Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Please stop eating anything with a face


Today a friend of mine sent me a interesting article on how get on track to a healthy lifestyle. She also asked me and my agvocacy friends to "destroy the man who wrote the article," so I knew behind that link it wasn't going to be good.

Top Sirloin, one of the 29 lean cuts of beef.
I firmly believe that everyone deserves choices. Even more so after participating in last night's #agchat on Twitter about veganism. Some people, just plain and simple don't want to eat beef (or use animal byproducts). Personally, I can't imagine my life without it, but it is your choice. However, I still believe that no one should be allowed to spread misconceptions about the product that my family and I are raising - safe, nutritious beef.

So back to Mr. Tony Horton (he's one of the players behind the P90X fitness crazy) he decides to give his Top Five Foods to Eliminate from your diet if there is any hope for you reaching your fitness goals - processed sugars, alcohol, caffeine, gluten and wait for it.... ANYTHING WITH A FACE. 

I quote Mr. Horton:
It used to be that you could find some decent lean meat sources, but in the last few decades the hormones, antibiotics and chemicals that have been used to process meat and fish make them bad foods and pretty worthless as a source of protein. There are plenty of excellent vegetarian sources like beans, tofu and nuts, so you can eat clean while you get lean.
You know Mr. Horton, I would have to disagree with you. I think there are plenty of nutritious protein sources out there. If you would like to come over to my house I'll show that they are in my freezer. And yes, some of the animals on my family's farm get treated with antibiotics, but that is because they were sick. Mothers don't let their children fight off cold or infections without any aid. And if you choose to not believe any of the science that shows conventionally raised be if safe, than you can purchase organic proteins, or proteins that have been apart of never ever programs (that means no hormones, and no antibiotics have ever been administered).

This article is a one-sided opinion piece from someone that obviously doesn't have all the facts. It makes me sick that people like this could put my family and friends and colleagues out of business. If you want to know about your food talk to the farmers and ranchers that are raising it and feeding it to their families every evening.

p.s. I think Barb Downey going from grossly obese to running the Boston Marathon is a pretty amazing fitness accomplishment, and she did it with lean beef.


  1. I agree 100% - everyone can choose their own way of living, but don't push it on everyone else, especially when you're in a position of authority where people believe you.

    I remember when I was younger, Oprah was telling people not to eat beef. There are people in this world who listen to her like she's the second coming. When you have that much control, the things you say and the power you have really can make a difference.

    Regarding antibiotics in livestock - the same people who are against having them in meat are the same people who would say you're cruel for having sick cattle (if not treated with antibiotics). The double standards some of these folks are working with are unreal.

    Thank you for agvocating and letting people know that there are safe, healthy, delicious protein choices.

  2. I definitely agree with you. Some people would like to eliminate animal products all together from their diet and that's fine but there are other responsible choices people can make. I choose to only eat humainely raised meat. And yes, I do make sure that no antibiotics are ever used so I opt for organic or better yet local - so I can visit the farm myself and see their practices (I belong to a meat CSA and that's where most of my meat comes from). These kind of extreme articles do nothing to improve the industry!

  3. Great post Crystal! I agree with you, people are and should be free to make their own choices. And if it's no meat, that's their choice/loss. Make your choice, but don't try to make mine OR make me feel bad about my choice. If you are concerned about where your meat comes from, do your OWN research...and that means don't just read what Oprah or fitness "experts" say and follow the herd behind them....There are hundreds of dietary, medical and agriculture science journals out there that will help you make INFORMED decisions. Be a responsible consumer!

  4. I am browsing the comments and people are backing our way of thinking. Very one sided on his part and they aren't having it. This needs to be reposted everywhere. Thanks Crystal and see you soon, I hope, in Kansas City.

  5. Thanks for all your comments. I am glad that there are others that think people need to be able to have choices, and Elina I think you nail it on the head with you last sentence - "These kind of extreme articles do nothing to improve the industry!"

    KCK I too have noticed that people are backing us on this. It was great to see you in KC.


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