Friday, October 8, 2010

They sure do like chicken in Australia

And some other odd things too.

I am a pretty adventurous kind of gal. Usually willing to try anything once. However, I am not really sure about all the chicken over here in Australia, and I am not talking about the chicken you find in your frozen food section.

Yes, folks, that's right. Those chips contain chicken flavoring. Which I don't even know how to describe because isn't that what everyone says when something doesn't have any taste at all - "it tastes like chicken." All I can say is I think I'll pass.

And just so you believe me that the obove flavor is not unique in Australia here is another chicken chip like product.

And one more. The brown bag say Honey Soy and Chicken. Just in case plain ole Chicken isn't good enough for you. Now I will say I also tried the Sweet Chili & Sour Cream Chips and quite like those.

Now for something that tastes nothing like Chicken but still original to Australia. How about a Tim Tam.

 Chocolately covered goodness. They are kind of like an Oreo, but all chocolate. Chocolate wafer, chocolate icing center, and then dipped into milk chocolate. The locals say they are best dipped into your coffee.

And one last Australian favor that I have grown to love. Meat pies. Pretty self explanatory. Little pies filled with meat and vegatbales. This one was steak, potatoe and bacon. And yes, if you haven't realized it yet. I will be going on a massive diet when I get home.

Regardless of your food choices just remember to...


  1. Shannon said the only way she will make me Thanksgiving supper is if someone brings her some Tim Tams. Please but some in the mail!

  2. Fun glimpse into Australian food. My stomach turned into a knot when I saw the chicken flavored chips - YIKES!! I didn't catch that you tried them - did you miss adventurous?

  3. Glad you liked Aussie snacks even if you were a little weirded out by the chicken heheh :)

  4. I love Tim Tams! Are they sold in any U.S. stores? I can't seem to find them in any Cdn stores so I asked my Aussie friend if she can mail me some. And I also noticed that meat pies are popular there - also in NZ.


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