Friday, October 29, 2010

"There are about as many vegetarians as there is atheists"

Blazing the trail 

Minnie Lou Bradley is a remarkable women. For those of you that don't know her, especially women, you should say thank-you. 

I first met Minnie Lou at the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville at the Livestock Judging banquet. Not only had Minnie Lou been the first women to major in animal husbandry at Oklahoma State University, she was also their first women on their livestock judging team and in 1952 was the first women to win the national livestock judging contest, then held in Chicago. 

Minnie Lou with her Reserve Champion Angus steer at the 1949 American Royal.
Minnie Lou's accomplishments didn't end there. Not only does she run the highly successful and respected Bradley 3 Ranch in Texas, she also was the first female President of the American Angus Association. She broke a trail that no other women has. 

Below is a video of Bradley that was included in our most recent I am Angus show, and the title of this post is one of the many fabulous quotes of hers in the video. Her commitment to the land and raising nutritious beef for families like mine and yours is steadfast. Agriculture should be extremely proud that we have people like Bradley in the business, and consumers should feel comfortable that their food is in the hands of people's like Bradley's.



  1. Great video Crystal! What Minnie Lou says about being a farmer is spot on, she's a great inspiration, even to those on the other side of the world like us!

  2. I really enjoyed it and will share it with my students! Keep sharing these stories of amazing people.

  3. Glad you both enjoyed it. She is an amazing women.

  4. I recently had the chance to meet her son-in-law James Henderson who has made his mark not only on the Angus industry with his work on Bradley 3 Ranch and CAB, but also made a name for himself with a successful career in the beef packing industry. He had amazing stories to tell about Minnie Lou and all she has done for agriculture. Thanks for featuring this amazing woman on your blog!


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