Friday, June 17, 2011

Corn on the Cob Cupcakes

Farming Treats

When I saw these cupcakes on Mabel's Label blog I knew I had to share. Now she doesn't give a tutorial on them, but I figured I came up with a shopping list to make these fun treats. They would be perfect for a farm or barnyard birthday.

Corn on the cob cupcakes

Necessary supplies:

Cupcakes - A white or yellow cake mix 
Cupcake liners - yellow
Kernels - Jelly Belly jelly beans would be my favorite (they are also more slender than regular jelly beans, probably not going to keep you figure slender)
Butter - yellow Starburst candies 
Corn Holder - just use the real thing

You can't forget about the cow cupcakes. These are much easier than you look. You bake the cupakes, and the purchase the fondant cow topper from TwoSugarBabies on Etsy. I wonder if they would make brown cows or little baldy cows. Those are the solid colored cows with just a little bit of white on their faces.

Blogger Diary of Dave's Wife threw a really cure Barn Yard Birthday for her son. Check out her blog for lots of ideas.

I love the menu that they served. 

This weekend I am headed to the Boy's farm in Iowa. Saturday is wedding planning day, and Sunday we'll spend at a cattle show. And don't worry when I get back I'll have another Corn Report. Any guesses on how tall the corn is now?

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  1. she must have slightly melted the starbursts. I would try replicating this with those mini loaf pans to get a better shape.

  2. What a cute idea!! I love it!

  3. Have fun wedding planning! What fun! My son loves jelly bellies and would be ALL over those corn cupcakes of yours:)

  4. Those are really cute! A corn stick pan would be great for that.

  5. I love these cupcakes, Crystal! Great idea! And cupcakes are really popular right now. My cousin had various sizes and kinds of cupcakes at her wedding last weekend.

  6. These are all super cute! My nephew had a birthday yesterday and my SIL made sheep cupcakes with marshmallows.

  7. Those corn on the cob cupcakes are ADORABLE!

  8. I love these!!! I only wish I would have seen these for my family reunion! I will make these for my next summer party, and by the way, way cute blog!

  9. congrats to you and jon on your engagement! how wonderful! wishing you many, many, many years of happiness!

    can i ask why you switched back to a site from your dedicated url? so many folks are making the switch the other direction. did you run into an issue with having a private url? just curious...

  10. The corn on the cob cupcakes were on the cover of Women's Day magazine last month (at least I think it was last month - I say it at the grocery store). Here it their recipe:

    That fondant cow is so stinking cute!!

  11. Love this, definitely going to be making these!

  12. AnonymousJuly 31, 2011

    please tell me where you found the corn skewers in that color?? thanks, treesa


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