Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Farmers from around the world

The world is helping feed the world.

Alison from Australia
For the second year now I have received the opportunity to be involved in the Five Nations Beef Alliance Young Ranchers program. This group is made up of cattlemen organizations from Canada, U.S., Australia, Brazil and Argentina. Young farmers and ranchers face a lot of challenges, but when I have traveled and as I listen to these participants stories I find we all have a lot of similarities.

The Young Ranchers group want as many consumers as possible to see this so they can learn a little more about how and where our food is being raised. So that means send it to your banker, your city cousin, or children's school teachers. Keep on telling agriculture's story.

For more information about the Five Nations Beef Alliance visit 


  1. Great to hear young rangers (I was going to use the term cattleman but most were young women) talking so positively about their industry, and working with nature to produce beef in a caring and humane way.
    On the side, how typical of the Crookwell weather to rain whilst Alison was doing her interview.

  2. I really like this, it seems like something I would like to be a part of. I will make sure to share the video soon!


  3. Love this video. You do such a great job putting their stories together!

  4. Awesome video!! I was really excited that my friend Alison Macintosh is one of the ranchers in the program.

  5. Robyn she did a wonderful job on her video! How did you two meet?


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