Thursday, June 23, 2011

Turquoise Baby Gifts

These gifts are for my friends. 

Remember a little bit ago the turquoise nursery I featured on my blog? Well Jill and Cole welcomed a little baby girl named Tinley into the world. Love the name by the way. I knew that Purple Banner Designs would be just the place to get Tinley something from.

These bibs are reservable. Purple Banner Designs also did one with the Harvie cattle brand on it.

And burp rags. Baby Tinley will be styling now.

And you have to check out these stuffed teddy bear cows that Purple Banner Designs are creating. I think I want one for myself!

Of course I picked this guy because of his turquoise ear tag, but what is even cooler is that this stuffed cow was a custom design based on the show steer below. 

I think they did a fantastic job! 

Be sure to check out the Purple Banner Designs. They do much more than just cows, and all of their work is custom. Keep up the great work Bethany!


  1. Love the baby gift ideas! Especially the teddy bear cow. You always have such interesting stuff on your blog!

  2. What great ideas! I especially love the custom stuffed cow with ear tag. I'll definitely be visiting their site before the next baby shower I attend.

  3. hehe I like the stuffed teddy bear cow with the ear tag... I'm like you, I think I want one!

  4. Looks like I'll be needing to head over to Purple Banner Designs to get something for my little nephew....

  5. Love love love the bibs!! I had Bethany create a few things for Braxton's room - they are AMAZING. Thanks for introducing me to her ;)

  6. Jill used the baby rag today! Too cute!

  7. wow i love these personalized baby gifts! are they available in different colors?


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