Thursday, June 9, 2011

A lot of Turquoise Love at the Blue Door Boutique

I'm on a budget, I'm on a budget.

This is what I keep on chanting to myself as I look through the Blue Door Boutique's website and facebook page. (Good thing I could probably fit something into my budget) Thanks to Jamie May at Cattle, Corn and Country Girls I have fallen in love with Blue Door Boutique. Not only do they have tons of turquoise tops, dresses, and tunics, but the carry wonderful clothing in many colors to suit your fancy. (Yes, I realize not everyone is crazy about Turquoise, like my Turquoise Thursday followers.)

This Turquoise Tunic is wonderful. I love all the texture and designs on it, and the sleeves are so unique. Can I already start purchasing clothing for my future honeymoon?

This is definitely an awesome summer look. I love this strapless dress, and it would be the perfect 4th of July outfit. If I could get my cowboys clean I could maybe pair them with it.  

Love this. (Are you seeing a common theme) This turquoise dress would be perfect for work or a summer wedding.

I pretty much need this blazer. I have been looking for a three quarter sleeve blazer, and this one fits the bill perfect. I know it isn't turquoise, but all my turquoise jewelry would look fantastic with it.

If you are anywhere near Columbus, Georgia, go see the Blue Door Boutique girls or start your shopping online!


  1. The same chant has been going through my head for a month. I almost broke down and bought the most GORGEOUS dress ever on Tuesday...without even looking at the price...but fortunately and unfortunately it was already sold out before I got home.

    If you buy that blazer, let me know, I have been debating about it too, but I am afraid it might be too long. Glad your a fan! Do you follow them on FB, there daily new clothes update is addicting!

  2. Woohoo! Great store & new discovery, I could do some serious damage shopping there... my budget too will hold me back (for now).

  3. Reba HicksJune 09, 2011

    Crystal this is my favorite store! I had to look twice when I saw it on your blog...It is about 30 minutes outside of Auburn and they always have the cutest things!! And LOTS of turquoise!

  4. Thanks for sharing this! They have such cute clothes!


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