Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Iowa Corn Report II

It's growing.

This weekend I was back at the Boy's farm and not only are the calves getting bigger, and so is the corn. The Boy's mom was joking that on warm humid days you can watch the corn grow. p.s. You yourself can watch the corn grow on this Iowa Corn Cam. You can also follow along with my corn report and get an update on it every couple of weeks.

So here we go. Remember what the corn looked like on May 28, 2011.

Well it is taller now!

June 6, 2011
My leg will serve as the official measuring stick.

It's pretty exciting to watch corn grow so fast.

Other crop updates. The first cutting of hay is down in both Iowa and Missouri and I am sure other states. In the Midwest they will get three cuttings of hay on a good year. In Alberta, where I grew up, only two. For the Boy's family and my family hay is very important because that is what we will feed our cattle during the winter months.

This week I'll be a littlel tied up because it is our summer board meeting, but I promise to be back to my regular posting next week!


  1. Here in Indiana we always say "You can hear the corn grow sitting on the porch on warm humid nights" - I always think it is interesting how things can be slightly different with the same concept!

  2. Corn Cam? :)

    But it does indeed look like a great crop so far! :)

  3. Wow, the corn here is barely up. Hoping for a long gorgeous fall after the horrific wet Spring we've had.


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