Thursday, June 2, 2011

Camera Accessories - Turquoise Thursday

1. 2. 3. Smile.

You know me I love taking photos, especially of the farm and cattle. And I am always admiring my friends' amazing photography skills. I mean check out the recent pics from Our Little Ranch Photography and Wrenn Bird Photography. Fabulous. www.Not only do I love looking through their photos, but I'm always intrigued by what new gear they are carrying around, which has inspired this Turquoise Thursday.

This is actually a camera bag. Really. Thanks to my Pinterest buddy Holly Martin for suggesting it to me.

See, look at all that room. I love the lime green on the inside. You'll have to check out all the other colors at the blog. Some really neat stuff.

Have you seen these new camera straps that everyone is walking around with. When I was at the Oklahoma Youth Expo one of the photographers had a cowhide one. If you search on you can find tons of these handmade camera straps - like this fun turquoise one. 

This turquoise camera strap is pretty too. 

I definitely need one of these lens cap covers, as I am always misplacing my lens cap. This lens cap pocket slides onto your camera strap, so it is never far from reach. Again found on

What are some of your favorite camera products?


  1. cute camera bag! I have only seen ugly ones before! : )

  2. I had to share this with all the girls in my office! We had just been talking about how we couldn't ever find cute camera bags that didn't look like diaper bags. Thanks!!

  3. This stuff is so cute. Particularly the bag, but I know I would get it dirty so I won't be getting it :)

  4. Ohhhhh! I bought the Clover in Turquoise from them. It is soooo perfect. Not only holds my camera, but also laptop and/or ipad and all accessories (wallet, lip gloss, passport, snack) when I travel. Don't know what I did before I had it!

  5. That bag is awesome. B

  6. I started my own business with a fellow K-Stater and we make all kinds of if your looking for a custom make camera strap or accessories let me know!


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