Saturday, November 26, 2011

Headed to Australia

No plane involved.

The Boy using a giant blow
dryer is dry Firework.
Thanksgiving is over, and it truly has been an awesome weekend. Time with friends and family, the Boy and I have been getting tons of work done on the calves that we will be selling at the Iowa Beef Expo in February and I am now about to take a trip to Australia... via my computer.

You see I have been asked to speak at the Future Focused: Young Australians Building Trust & Confidence in Agriculture Conference via webcast. These young people, like me, have a passion for agriculture and connecting with the people who purchase and use our agriculture products. The conference began yesterday and I have been following along on Twitter through the #FFAgOz hashtag. And through the participants tweets I found this YouTube video called Test Your Awareness. Watch below.

My results. Well I did get the number of passes correct, but I totally missed the second part (not giving you any answers here!)

Yes, this video is about cyclists, but how often do we miss the bigger picture. I've been giving a lot of advocacy presentations and speeches lately, and a common question that has been coming up is how do we deal with or change the minds of animal rights activists. The thing is we aren't going to change these peoples minds. There are some people that are so left or right of center that they will never be willing to listen to the other side of the story.

The people I want to connect with are the people that are looking for answers about their food. That may have come to their own conclusion about HSUS based on the cute kitty cat and doggy commercials they seen on T.V., and were unaware that HSUS donates less than half of one percent of their annual donations to shelters. 

The people that think you can buy hormone free beef. There is no such thing because cattle naturally contain hormones, way fewer than the cabbage you may eat. However, if you would like to buy beef that was not given any additional hormones that is possible. 

The bigger picture is pretty important. 


  1. What a fun "trip!"

    It is so funny what some people will ask me when I am selling beef and pork at the farmer's market. I find that it is much easier to build a relationship with people and then they will come talk to me about what they heard on the news or what they read in the paper and I can tell them what is really going on. But, the people that are so far off center like you are saying are the poeple that don't listen to anything anyone says.

    Good luck on your speech!

  2. Thanks Sarah, and you make an awesome point. I am sure it is an awesome feeling learning about the people that are purchasing products from your family.

  3. Good Luck w/ your webcast, Crystal! Also, enjoy your time in the barn working w/ show calves. Beef Expo will be here before you know it.


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